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What to do in Aarhus, Denmark? 7 tips and city trip information

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Everyone knows the Danish capital Copenhagen. A city that is great fun for a city trip and that you can easily discover in combination with a city trip to Malmö in Sweden. Fewer people know Denmark’s second city, Aarhus (Århus in Danish). Although the city really cannot be compared to Copenhagen in terms of size, this city is also worth a visit. Aarhus is a real student city and has really put itself on the map in recent years. It is not without reason that the city was declared the European Capital of Culture in 2017. The city has enough attractions to spend a weekend. In this article you can read about the best things to do in Aarhus, Denmark.

As I already indicated, Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark, but in terms of size it cannot be compared with it’s capital Copenhagen. All sights in the city can be explored on foot and in fact you can easily discover them all in one full day. Nevertheless, I advise you to stay at least one night to experience this cozy city in the evenings.

#1. The most beautiful street in Aarhus: Møllestien

In every blog you read about Denmark’s second city you will most likely see the name Møllestien. Møllestien is actually not much, but it is still one of the most popular Aarhus sights. This small street is the coziest and most colorful street in the entire city. The perfect place to take the most beautiful photos. Not a single house on this street – almost all of which were built in the eighteenth century – has been painted in the same color.

Møllestien Aarhus

#2. Latin Quarter is the place to be for shopaholics

Latin Quarter is the center of the city of Aarhus and the place to go shopping. It is nice to take a nice walk here and enjoy the many students who take a break and come together here. The Aarhus river runs right through the center of the city, along which you can chill and enjoy the beautiful views.

Latin Quarter Aarhus

#3. Visit and / or admire the ARoS Art Museum

In Aarhus, a number of museums are worth a visit. the ARoS Art Museum is one of the best known. Exhibitions are shown in the museum, but the most special thing about the museum is the 150-meter-long panorama tunnel that changes color every time. It is also called the rainbow tunnel. You can admire this masterpiece from afar. So even if you don’t like art, a visit to the ARoS Art Museum is recommended.

Entrance fee for ARoS Art Museum

  • Adults (31+ years old)
  • Adults younger than 31
  • Students
  • Groups with 20+ persons
  • Children until 18 years old
  • €21
  • €17
  • €17
  • €18
  • Free entrance
ARoS Art Museum

#4. Aarhus Street Food

Our favorite place in the city is the super hip and cozy Aarhus Street Food building. This building is located near the Central Station and next to the bus station and is the hangout place for the local youth. But whole families also come here to enjoy each other and the delicious street food during the weekends.

Immediately upon arrival you see that this must be one of the hippest places in the city. The entire hall – which used to be used to park buses – has been transformed into a great mecca for food lovers from all over the world. The hall alone is one of the coolest Aarhus sights. We ate the best Banh mi (Vietnam) and delicious duck bao buns here. But even if you don’t like Asian food, you can eat your fill here. There are stalls with typical Danish delicacies, Mexican dishes, pancakes and burgers.

Eating and drinking in Aarhus is, just like in other places in Denmark, not very cheap. Still, Aarhus Street Food is a good budget option for the tastiest food.

Aarhus Street Food

#5. Must do in Aarhus: Check out the most amazing street art

Where we fell in love with the trendy Nørrebro district in Copenhagen, we unfortunately could not find a similar district in Aarhus. Yet if you search carefully, you can come across some beautiful street art in Aarhus as well. It is even possible to go on a real street art tour.

Street Art in Aarhus

#6. Visit Aarhus Ø

Aarhus is a young, active city in terms of inhabitants. With many students and this is also reflected in the architecture in the city. One of the hippest places in the city is Aarhus Ø where you can admire a number of beautiful buildings, such as the Iceberg. You will also find cozy bars here and you have a beautiful view over the harbor of Aarhus.

#7. The Central Food Market

The Street Food Market in Aarhus is not the only place where you can eat delicious street food in Aarhus. The Aarhus Central Food Market is slightly more centrally located, almost in the center of the city. This Food Market is a lot more organized and a bit stiffer, but still very cozy. If you are not in the city long enough and have to make a choice, I would choose to eat in the Street Food Market and just have a drink in the Central Food Market.

The Central Food Market Aarhus

Practical information for a city trip to Aarhus

Aarhus is, as mentioned, the second city in Denmark and the largest city in the Jutland region. The port city feels a bit in some places, but those who search well can also discover fantastic places and sights here. The compact city center ensures that you can easily explore all the sights on foot. If you would still like to use public transport and visit various tourist attractions and museums, I recommend that you purchase an AarhusCARD. With this city card you can make unlimited use of public transport and visit various popular attractions for free – or with a nice discount.

Second city in Denmark

Best places to stay in Aarhus

You can easily discover all the most popular sights in the city in one day, but if you have enough time I would recommend to spend at least one night in the city. These are some awesome places to stay:

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