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Travel Budget for Macedonia | One of the Cheapest in Europe

Published: 01 July 2017 Modified: 29 October 2017

In May 2015 we spent a week in Macedonia on a short road trip through the Balkans, or at least a part of it. The Balkans are becoming increasingly popular. Rightfully so if you ask me, because the region is spectacularly beautiful, the people are very warming and, not unimportantly, it’s not very expensive. It’s actually pretty cheap. Macedonia is considered one of the cheapest countries in Europe, so you can probably last here with your travel budget. We kept score on how much we spent during our one week visit to Macedonia. How expensive is Macedonia? Or better: How cheap is Macedonia? Let’s find out the travel budget for Macedonia!

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  1. The Flight
  2. Our Road Trip
  3. Travel Budget for Macedonia
    1. Food & Drinks
    2. Transportation
    3. Accommodation
      1. Skopje
      2. Ohrid
    4. Souvenirs/other
  4. Tables Overview
  5. How Expensive is Macedonia per person?

The flight

We took the plane from Eindhoven Airport (The Netherlands) to Skopje in less than three hours. We booked a return flight with Wizzair for about €250 total. As budget airliners pop up left and right, fare prices will drop even further. Especially when you’re flexible on your dates you’ll find fares for almost nothing.
On arrival we took the bus to Skopje’s city center.

Don’t take a taxi. Take the bus from the airport and save the money for an extra beer.

Our Road Rrip

The plan was to stay a few days in Skopje and then move on to Lake Ohrid in the south of Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo and then back to Skopje to return the car. We rented the car for nine days, which cost us €190.
Ohrid. How expensive is Macedonia?

Travel Budget for Macedonia

We subdivided expenses in five categories:

  • Food & Drinks
  • Transportation
  • Accomodation
  • Souvenirs
  • Other

Food & Drinks

The advice here is: Don’t go to overpriced restaurants to have good food. Macedonian traditional food is delicious and you will see numerous small restaurant owned by local families. Especially in Skopje, almost every street has a place to have a meal. Especially at lunch time you’ll see families gather to have a meal. We were happily surprised because the meals consist of small dishes like Spanish tapas. And we like tapas! So there’s lots to try and the awesome this is that it costs about 5 euro to have a small dish plus something to drink.
Does it get better than this?
Eating local. Travel Budget for MacedoniaDelicious food in Macedonia. Travel Budget for Macedonia

In Ohrid you will have a harder time finding the authentic little restaurants because the best spots are occupied by more expensive and trendy restaurants. It takes a little effort to find the good places, but they’re certainly there!


Like mentioned before, we rented a car in Skopje which was by far the biggest expense of this category. Public transportation is not very developed, so we definitely recommend renting a car in Macedonia. Besides the car we took the bus a few times and rode the cable cart to the top of Vodno, where you’ll have a spectacular view over the city.
Renting a car at Star Rent, Skopje, Macedonia. Travel Budget for Macedonia


An expensive item on the budget for Macedonia is accommodation. It’s probably possible to spend a little less than we did, because we always want to make sure we don’t end up in a hole. Our critical eye browsed through Airbnb and Booking.com to find some amazing places.

Skopje: Airbnb at Goce’s

For our stay in Skopje we booked an Airbnb at Goce, A really nice guy who showed us around the city and took us to a few
of his friends who worked in the old town. We visited a jewel maker and an archaeological place were his friend was in charge of restoring damaged sculptures. We spent about an hour in the small fortress were the sculptures were stored. We talked, drank tea and shot a lot of pictures. Good times.
Goce is showing us around in Skopje. Travel Budget for MacedoniaGoce's apartment in Skopje. Travel Budget for Macedonia

Ohrid: Lukanov Apartments

With a great view over the lake and right next to a small orthodox church saint Saint Sophia, the location of Lukanov Apartments is really great. The city center is a five minute walk, so you’re close to everything. The apartments are fully equipped, so we ate our self made breakfasts on our hueg balcony. Prices are a lot higher than in Skopje, so having the ability to fetch your meals at the supermarket saves quite a bit. We paid around 15 euro for a night at the appartments, which was very cheap compared to the surrounding accommodations.
Lukanov Apartments, Ohrid. Travel Budget for MacedoniaLukanov Apartments, Ohrid. Lake view. Macedonia travel budget

Other and Souvenirs

We didn’t go overboard with the souvenirs and shopping this time, so these costs remained low. The most expensive we bought were two pairs of genuine Toms for 32 euro.
Old Town, Skopje. Travel Budget for Macedonia

Tables Overview

We summarized the all expenses in a table for clarity:

Macedonia - 6 days
Food & Drinks
MKD 10,971 MKD 1,590 MKD 8,100 MKD 360 MKD 3,503 MKD 24,524
€ 178.17 € 25.82 € 131.54 € 5.85 € 56.89 € 405.74

How Expensive is Macedonia per person?

Below is another table with our expenses shown per person.

(6 days)
(2 persons)
MKD 24,984 MKD 4,164
€ 405.74 € 67.62

Macedonia is one of the cheapest destinations in Europe to travel. This combined with the beauty of the country makes it a perfect destination for a holiday. Be quick, because more and more people discover Macedonia’s uniqueness.

How much did you spend in Macedonia?

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