The town of Vrbnik, Krk Island, Croatia

Things to do on Krk Island: Places of interest on Croatia’s ‘Golden Island’

Published: 20-06-2019

Croatia is one of Europe’s most beautiful countries. Not surprisingly the country is getting more and more popular among tourists. Stunning nature combined with really affordable prices make it a great travel destination. Croatia is mostly known for it’s coastline and natural parks in the mainland, but beyond the beach (literally) there are more than 1100 islands to explore, some of which uninhabited. This article is about Croatia’s second largest island, Krk Island. Not many people come to the island which makes it a hidden gem. Beautiful beaches, vineyards, cobblestone roads and the narrowest street of the world (honestly!). Read on to find out all about things to do on Krk Island.

General info on Krk Island

Like mentioned before, Krk Island is the second largest island of Croatia Only Cres on the west is larger. The island lies south of Istria, a very popular touristic region and a perfect country for an amazing road trip. If you’re staying in Rijeka, which is the nearest city, it’s only half an hour drive to Krk’s bridge. That’s right, the island is connected to the mainland by a huge bridge. The toll to the island is 35 kuna, which is about $5 US, which you only have to pay when you enter the island. Krk island is very diverse. The east has a rocky surface and is comparatively dry. The west is more lush with some very unique plants only native to Krk island. Krk truly is one of a kind, causing it to get the nickname Golden Island.

Rijeka International Airport is situated on Krk Island, making it not only accessible by road, but also by air. Find out if your airport has flights to Rijeka Airport

Over 200 miles of bicycle path crisscrosses Krk island, making is very popular among cyclists.

The bridge connecting Krk Island to mainland Croatia
Krk Island's barren east coast seen from Croatia's mainland
Views on Krk Island
Krk Island


Krk has loads of accommodations in all forms. Hotels, hostels, guesthouses, camping grounds, you name it. Especially because of the bridge, it’s easy to do a day trip from Croatia’s mainland. So you might choose to stay over there instead of on the island. We stayed in Apartmani Kristijan in Crikvenica, about thirty minutes from the bridge. The brand new apartment has a panoramic view over Krk Island.

View from Apartmani Kristijan

Places of interest on Krk Island: What to do on Krk island

Krk certainly is beautiful, but don’t expect palm trees, white beaches and crystal blue water. It is a very nice place to spend a day or two to relax in one of it’s authentic cobble stoned villages, sipping a glass of locally made wine. This list of things to do on Krk Island takes you around the island in a day.


The first village after the bridge is Omišalj, the oldest settlement of Krk Island. On your first stop you can get a something to eat before starting your adventure on the island. The town has a medieval cathedral and ruins of a basilica which are worth visiting.

What to do on Krk island: Visit Krk city

The largest town on the island is the island’s capital which carries the same name as the island itself. Back in Roman times Krk was already a place to be reckoned with. Some ancient buildings are witness to this period. Besides Roman structures, the town still has large parts of it’s medieval fortifications. Pretty awesome to see.

The harbour of Krk capital
Medieval streets in Krk
Cathedral in Krk, Croatia

Punat and the mini-island Košljun

A little further east lies Punat. In and of itself there is not much to do besides a few restaurants along the promenade. Unless you’re hungry, there’s no point to spend much time in Punat. What makes the village special though is Košljun, a small island with a monastery, two churches and a few museums on it. The island is inhabited by a few monks running the place. Visitors can take the ferry to visit one of the museums. Make sure you dress appropriately, covering your shoulders and knees.

Košljun Island near Punat on Krk Island

One of the most important places on Krk: Baška

For the Croatian people is Baška one of the most important places in Croatia. This is were the oldest document was found that mentioned Croatia as a country. The document was written in 1100. The document is exhibited in The Archaeological Museum of Zagreb. A replica of the tablet can be found in a church in the village of Jurandvor, close to Baška.

Baška has the most beautiful beach of Krk island: Oprna Beach

The narrowest street in the world

Talk about fun things to do on Krk! The town of Vrbnik claims to have the narrowest street in the world. Just 43 centimeters wide is Klancic street. Good luck trying to maneuver your donkey through this street! You’ll have to look a bit for it, but the town is not too big, so you’ll find it. The map at the top of this page shows the exact spot were the street can be found.

The narrowest street in the world in Vrbnik, Krk Island, Croatia
Vrbnik from the sky


Besides the narrowest street in the world, is Vrbnik known for it’s wine: Žlahtina is a famous one and Nada is the more expensive version. I’m not a wine drinker really, but I thought it was pretty nice. At Konoba Nada we ordered two glasses of Žlahtina and we enjoyed the view of the Croatian mainland and the sunset. It cost us 24 kuna (about $3). The wine bar has its own shop to bring a bottle home as a souvenit.

Great wine in Vrbnik
Konoba Nada, a bar with a terrace overlooking Croatia's mainland

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