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Best things to do in Zagreb, Croatia

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Are you planning a city trip to Zagreb? Zagreb has been one of our favorite cities in Europe since this year. The capital of Croatia is a city with a wonderful atmosphere, fine restaurants, cool sights and all with a raw edge. And that is exactly what makes the city so much fun. What to do in Zagreb? These are the best things to do in Zagreb, Croatia. So this is the ultimate guide to a great city trip Zagreb.

#1. The shortest funicular in the world: Ilica

We’ve been on quite a few ziplines and funiculars during our travels, but the shortest funicular in the world was a novelty for us. You will find this funicular, also called the Ilica train, in the city center, near the Art Park. With the funicular it will only take you less than a minute to go from Gornji Grad in the city center to the upper town. This is the part where you can see many of the most popular sights in Zagreb. A ride on the Ilica only costs 5 kuna per person (approximately € 0.70) for a single journey. It is not that you cannot easily walk this part, you can. But how nice is it to be able to tick off a ride on the shortest funicular in the world?

shortest funicular in the world: Ilica

#2. Must do in Zagreb: Visit the Museum of Broken Relationships

There are more than 60 galleries and museums in Zagreb for you to visit. Too much for a city trip, but if you have to choose one, choose the bizarre Museum of Broken Relationships. The museum is located in Gornji Grad (the upper town) and the entrance is 40 kuna per person. The museum is about everything that has to do with broken relationships and shows bizarre, funny, sad and sweet stories about broken relationships between couples, but also between family members. You can read stories about relationships from all over the world. New items are constantly being received by the museum, so the exact layout is constantly changing.

Address Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb: Cirilometotska ul. 2

#3. The historic city center of Zagreb

Basically, the city center of Zagreb consists of two parts, the lower part and the upper part. In the lower part you will find most of the restaurants and you can enjoy shopping. The most important and most famous Zagreb sights are mainly spread over the higher part which – as indicated above – you can reach with the shortest funicular railway in the world.

From here you have, for example, a viewpoint from where you have a great view of the entire city and in particular of the beautiful Zagreb Cathedral. Do you want an even better view? Then climb the Lotrščak Tower for 20 kuna. This tower, built in the 13th century and everyday at noon a cannon gets fired out here.

Zagreb City Center

#4. The Zagreb Cathedral

The Zagreb Cathedral is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city and will stand out from every point in the city. During our visit one of the towers was unfortunately in the risers, but it was still beautiful. You can admire the cathedral from the inside for free. This Roman Catholic cathedral is the tallest building in the city and has been taken over several times over the centuries, restored and partially collapsed.

Zagreb Cathedral

#5. A holy passage: The stone gate

When you walk through the historic center of Zagreb, you will automatically walk past the Stone Gate. The Stone Gate is not just a gate like you see in many cities, but is a holy passage where people pray every day in a dark corner. The stone gate has been build around 1266 and is the main place of worship for the local population. In the passage there’s a painting of Virgin Mary with baby Jesus, candles flicker and a number of small benches have been placed where nuns, but also “ordinary” residents of the city pray for themselves and loved ones.

Stone Gate in Zagreb

#6. The special St. Mark’s Church

I have never seen such a special church anywhere as in Zagreb. The St. Mark’s Church, which is built almost next to the holy passage exactly in the middle of St. Mark’s Square, is the town’s parish church. The main eye-catcher of the building is the roof that consists of colored tiles in the shape of the coat of arms of Zagreb and the coat of arms of Croatia.

St. Mark's Church

#7. Grič tunnel: The Zagreb tunnel

Zagreb not only has a vibrant city center, there is also a lot going on underground. The Grič tunnel is a tunnel complex built in 1943, during the Second World War to protect the inhabitants of Zagreb from air raids. Since 2016, the tunnel has been open to visitors every day from 9 am. to 10 pm. It’s a bizarre place to be. The tunnels even have a number of (free) public toilets and there are six different entrances and exits. The two entrances to the Art Park are particularly impressive because of the cool street art. These entrances to the Grič tunnel can be found next to the Chillout Hostel, which is an affordable place to stay during your Zagreb city trip.

Zagreb is a capital with a raw edge and many museums, but not just the standard museums. You can admire a lot of art in the city for free. You will find the most beautiful street art creations all over the city. Are you just like us crazy about spotting street art, then these are the best places to go to spot street art in Zagreb. These places are great to combine with the popular Zagreb sights.

Zagreb Tunnel

#8. One of the coolest things to do in Zagreb: Street art in Zagreb’s Art Park

I just mentioned the Art Park in Zagreb in the piece about the Grič tunnel. The Art park is located below the Grič park and at two of the entrances to the tunnel. This is the place where the youth of the city come together for yoga, art workshops, for making music and “just” for socializing. You will find some of the most beautiful street art creations around here.

Zagreb's Art Park

#9. Park Opatovina for more street art

Park Opatovina is located in the historical center of Zagreb, near the most pleasant street of the city Tkalčićeva Street. It is a small park, but one with a gigantic work of art on the wall. Go check it out!

#10. Cultural Center Medika

Cultural Center Medika is located slightly outside of the center of Zagreb, but can be easily reached on foot. Behind the enormous Westin Hotel, in a former pharmaceutical factory, you can visit the Cultural Center. Medika is the place where the alternative youth comes together. It feels a bit edgy, but everyone is welcome. There are regularly festivals, concerts and exhibitions in the building. Beautiful street art can also be spotted in the park next to Medika.

Cultural Center Medika

#11. Street art along the Ul. Kneza Branimira

The street Ul. Kneza Branimira mainly runs along the railway and is one of the places where you can spot a lot of street art in Zagreb. This is especially fun to do in Zagreb if you have a little more time in the city. For example, walk past this city to the center and discover the lesser known places in the city.

Street art in Zagreb

The best places to stay in Zagreb

For you city trip Zagreb I recommend to stay at least two full days to explore all the city’s highlights. Looking for a nice place to stay in Zagreb? We’ve been searching for the coolest places in the city:

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