Krka National Park. A nice place to visit and one of the best things to do in Kroatia

10 Awesome things to do in Croatia

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If you would ask us about our favorite destinations in Europe, Croatia would definitely be one of them. With stunning nature, delicious Mediterranean food, kind people and the some of the best beaches in Europe with turquoise waters , Croatia is one of those destinations you never want to leave again. We get a lot of questions about the most awesome things to do in Croatia. We compiled 10 of our favorite things to do in Croatia and the most amazing Croatia highlights so you would enjoy your Croatian holiday and/or Croatia road trip for sure.

From here on you can read everything about our favorite things to do in Croatia. Please zoom in on the map to find out the exact locations of every highlight.

#1. Go city tripping: Enjoy Croatia’s capital Zagreb

Zagreb is Croatia’s capital and it’s one of the coolest cities in Europe we’ve ever visited (and we visited quite a few). A lot of people would never think of Zagreb while planning a city trip and that’s such a shame. The city has many highlights among which the shortest cable car in the entire world. Zagreb is a city with a lot of students which means nice bars – with lots of craft beers -, clubs and awesome places to go out for dinner or have a drink. You won’t regret picking Zagreb as your next city trip destination.

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Erick on a bench in a park in Zagreb
Zagreb, Kroatia

#2. Must do in Croatia: Visit Krka National Park

Krka National Park is one of the most amazing Croatia highlights. This national park home to plenty of great hiking trails, wildlife and crystal-clear pools in front of amazing waterfalls (7 in total). Most tourists only visit the most popular part where you can admire the famous Skradinski Buk waterfall but please, make some time for the hidden gems as well.

Krka National Park

#3. Enjoy romantic sunsets in Rovinj

Rovinj is called the romantic city of Croatia because of her endless sunsets and romantic vibe. This coastal city has everything you need for a perfect getaway. Make sure to order a cool drink on one of the terraces next to the water and enjoy the amazing sunset.

Rovinj, a pittoreske town in Kroatia. Things to do in Kroatia

#4. Nature lovers: Make sure to visit Cetina Gorge

Croatia is known for her amazing national parks – like Krka National Park mentioned at #2 – but there is more to explore for nature lovers. In the South you can visit the Cetina Gorge, which is close to the town called Omis. It’s one of the coolest Croatia highlights we’ve seen during our road trip and it’s definitely one of the many hidden gems you can discover in Croatia. The crystal clear waters and stunningly beautiful views are something you don’t want to miss out on.

You can even go zip lining across the mountains and over the Cetina river. Don’t mind getting wet? Rent a kayak and go up and down the coast, or you can even go rafting.

#5. Discover Game of Thrones sets in Split

Split is one of our favorite cities in Croatia because of the vibe, her perfect location and many amazing highlights close to the city. Which means you can combine a city trip with the best day tours. The best way to discover Split and her surrounding area is by your own car or a rental car. Split is especially a great place to visit for the real Game of Thrones fans. Many sites in and around the city are used the films shots for this popular series, such as Kliss Fortress and Diocletian Palace .

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Panorama of Split, Kroatia
Small alleys in Split have been used to film Game of Thrones. If you like GoT, a visit to Split is definitely one of the best things to do in Croatia

#6. Go island hopping in Croatia: Visit Krk island

Croatia is known for her many islands. There are over a 1000 islands to visit and each has their own vibe and highlands. One of our favorite Croatian islands is Krk island. An island which is also called ‘Croatia’s Golden Island’. You won’t find the most beautiful white sandy beaches on Krk but the landscapes are amazing. With rocks and dry areas in the East and green hills and fields in the West.

Monastery on a Kosljun island near Punat, Krk Island

#7 Discover the Istria region in the North

Istria is one of the best regions in Croatia to visit when you only have a few days to explore the highlights of the country and to get a first glimpse. It’s best to rent a car and discover towns like Groznjan, Porec, Umag and Rovinj.

#8. Pula’s Roman Coliseum

Pula is Istria’s biggest city and even though it is not as romantic as Rovinj, it have many cultural sites to offer. Make sure to visit the Roman amphitheater or Coliseum which is one of Croatia’s most important highlights and was once used for gladiator fights.

Things to do in Kroatia: Visit Pula's coliseum

#9. Go on a day trip to Una National Park

Una National Park is one of the many hidden gems in Western Croatia. However the biggest area of this national park belongs to neighboring country Bosnia-Herzegovina, you can admire one of the most stunning waterfalls from Croatia’s side.

#10 Visit the famous Plitvice Lakes

Aks anyone who has ever been to Croatia about there favorite things to do in Croatia and i’ll bet 9 out of 10 will mention the famous Plitvice Lakes. This UNESCO heritage site is famous for his beautiful 16 terrace lakes which are all connected to each other. Plitvice National Park is for sure one of the many Croatia highlights.

What are your favorite things to do in Croatia?

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