Road trip Denmark

Road trip Denmark: The perfect one week itinerary

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Denmark is an amazing country for an awesome road trip. The islands of Jutland – which comprises most of Denmark – Zealand, Funen, Lolland-Falster and Møn are the most popular and largest islands. Denmark is a great country for a nice round trip mainly because of its short distances and enormous diversity. In a week you can discover many important sights. This is the perfect one week itinerary for a road trip Denmark.

Road trip Denmark, one week itinerary

We chose to start our Denmark road trip in the capital Copenhagen, but still find this a long stretch to drive in one day. That’s why we spend one night in the village of Gravenstein. This is where we really get to know Denmark for the first time. The next day we only have a few hours left to reach our first destination of this roadtrip, Copenhagen.

Flying and renting a car in Denmark

Don’t feel like driving all the way to Denmark or don’t have your own transport? Of course you can also choose to fly to Denmark. After that I would definitely advise you to rent a car. Renting a car in Denmark can be done safely and reliably with various companies.

Road trip Denmark

Start your road trip Denmark in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the largest city in Denmark and is located on the island of Sealand. Parking your car in Copenhagen is expensive, so we choose to stay at A&O Copenhagen in the district of Nørrebro, which eventually becomes our favorite district in Copenhagen. At A&O we can safely park our car for 100 DKK per day (a little less than €15).

Copenhagen is an incredibly hip city and this is especially noticeable in the neighborhoods of Vesterbro, the self-proclaimed semi-independent enclave of Christiania and Nørrebro. Although you should definitely visit the main Copenhagen sights in and around the center, I definitely recommend spending time in these neighborhoods of Copenhagen as well.

For a visit to Copenhagen, I recommend at least two – and actually prefer three – full days. Are you planning to use public transport a lot in Copenhagen and do you want to visit several museums and other tourist attractions? Then I recommend the Copenhagen City Card.

Expand your road trip Denmark with a city trip Malmö in Sweden

A road trip through Denmark is of course already very cool, but how cool is it if you combine it with a visit to neighboring Sweden? From Copenhagen you can take the train to Malmö, Sweden’s second largest city, in just over half an hour. Malmö isn’t very big and to be honest, Copenhagen is more fun, but I still recommend a day in Malmö. You can easily discover all the Malmö sights in one day, but of course it’s also nice to stay a night in the city. Good idea? Then make sure you book a night in the fantastic Studio Malmö. You sleep here on the eleventh, twelfth or thirteenth floor with a great view over the city and the sea.

Hotel tip Malmö: Book a room at Story Hotels Studio Malmö here.

Stortorget Malmö
Street art Malmö

During our trip to Malmö, we left our car at A&O Copenhagen. You can also choose to travel to Malmö by car. However, for the Son Bridge – the bridge connecting Copenhagen and Malmö – you have to pay a toll. The toll is about €56 for a single trip. This is a tad more expensive than your train ticket.

Train Copenhagen to Malmo Sweden
Copenhagen Central Station

The Danish island of Funen

Once back in Copenhagen, you can pick up your car and continue your road trip Denmark. The island that lies between Jutland – the part attached to Germany – and Zealand is the island of Funen. Here you can visit, for example, the city of Odense. The city that is all about the fairy tale writer H.C. Andersen.

Hotel tip Odense: First Hotel Grand

Note: The bridge between the islands of Funen and Sealand also requires you to pay a toll. This toll is 245 DKK (about €33) for a single journey.

Jutland round trip – City trip Aarhus

We continue our road trip Denmark in the largest region of the country – Jutland. Jutland is a lot bigger than the other islands, so it’s not surprising that a number of important (tourist) destinations are located here. For example, you can visit the world-famous Legoland near the city of Billund. Another popular attraction in the west of Denmark to visit is the Rubjerg Knude Fyr. We choose to leave Legoland for what it is and drive on to Denmark’s second city, Aarhus. Aarhus is a real student city and is compact enough to explore in a day. Although you can also easily make a short city trip of it.

Hotel tip Aarhus: Wakeup Aarhus

Latin Quarter Aarhus
Roadtrip Denmark Aarhus
Aarhus Street Food Market
Road trip Denmark
Road trip Denmark

Practical information for your road trip Denmark

  • There are no toll roads in Denmark, but there are two bridges for which you have to pay a toll. The Great Belt Bridge connecting Funen and Zealand (DKK 245) and the Son Bridge connecting Copenhagen with Sweden (€56).
  • A road trip Denmark is super relaxing. The roads are perfect and every few hundred kilometers there is a parking possibility along the highway. Usually there is also a – fairly clean – toilet here.
  • The fuel prices in Denmark are a lot lower than we thought beforehand. A liter of diesel costs between 9 and 10 DKK. Petrol prices are a little higher, between DKK 10.40 and DKK 11 per liter. *
  • For parking in most Danish cities a parking disc is obligatory. This disk can be purchased at many supermarkets, petrol stations or tourist offices.
  • It is compulsory in Denmark to drive with your headlights on during the day.

By boat from Germany to Denmark

Another option is to take the boat from Germany to the islands of Seeland and Lolland in Denmark. However, this option is often a bit more expensive than if you choose the mainland route. Scandlines sails several times daily from Puttgarden to Rødby on the island of Lolland-Falster. If you want to start your road trip Denmark with a visit to the cliffs of Møns Klint then this is the fastest option

Road trip Denmark

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