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What to do in Maribor, the second city of Slovenia

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Maribor, with its 100,000 inhabitants, is the second largest city in Slovenia after Ljubljana. The city is located in the east of the country on the Drava River and is close to the border with neighboring Austria. Although many travelers and vacationers focus mainly on the stunning west of Slovenia, the university town of Maribor and its beautiful surroundings are also worth a visit. What to do in Maribor? We share tips for the most beautiful places and attractions in Maribor

The oldest vine in the world – Old Vine House

One of the most special attractions in Maribor is the oldest vine in the world that you can admire in the middle of the city. The vine that you find at the Old Vine House seems to be at least four hundred years old and has even earned a spot in the Guinness Book of Records. The vine is outside, but inside the building you can visit a small but interesting wine museum (free). In addition, here you can visit one of the longest wine cellars in Europe. The oldest vine in Europe still produces wine, but unfortunately this wine is not for sale. However, you can buy various other wines in the store

Old Vine House Maribor

Glavni Trg, the central square of Maribor

Maribor is bursting with cozy squares, but the main square the city is the square Glavni Trg. On this square you will find the town hall, but also a special monument, namely the Plague Column (Maria Column). In 1680 this huge column was erected in memory of the victims of the plague. The Plague Column is without doubt one of the most important landmarks in the city

Glavni Trg Maribor
Glavni Trg

Visit the Maribor Synagogue

In all of Slovenia, there are only two synagogues left today, one of which is in Maribor. The Maribor Synagogue is one of the oldest synagogues in Europe and dates back to the fourteenth century. Today you can visit the synagogue which has been turned into a museum as a tourist.

  • The entrance fee to the Maribor Synagogue is €1 per person.
  • The synagogue is open every Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 pm
  • On Saturday, Sunday and during holidays the synagogue is closed
Maribor Synagogue

Chilling out in the Maribor Mestni Park

Every larger city has a fine city park, and so does Maribor. The Maribor Mestni Park is located in the north of the city and is one of the finest places to relax. You will find three ponds, exotic flowers and trees and several places to sit. In addition, in the park you will find two viewpoints from which you have a great view over the city, Piramida (400 meters high) and Kalvariji

Maribor Mestni Park

The impressive castle of Maribor

At one of the other important squares of the city, Grajski Trg, you will find one of the most important sights of Maribor. The Maribor Castle 1478 and 1483 was built by order of Emperor Frederick III and is still an important landmark. Today, Maribor Castle houses the Maribor Regional Museum.

  • The entrance fee to the Regional Museum is €8 per person
  • The building is open every Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm
  • More information can be found on this website
Maribor Castle

Admire the cathedral

Maribor is bursting with beautiful churches and cathedrals of which the Maribor Cathedral is without a doubt the most beautiful and impressive. The cathedral was built in the twelfth century. Next to the cathedral you will also find the beautiful building in which the city’s post office is located. Another special church in the city worth visiting is the Franciskanska Cerkev.


Postna Ulica is the street where you should be for a snack and drink

Maribor is a real student city and you will notice this especially in the many bars and restaurants that are located all over the city. Are you looking for a cozy place for a snack and a drink then you should definitely go to the street Postna Ulica. This street is bursting with cozy places, such as LeVino Wine Bar and restaurant Fudo

Postna Ulica Maribor

The medieval water tower

The city is situated on the Drava River and right on this river you will find the special water tower dating from 1555. The Water Tower of Maribor was built to defend the city and is the first winery in Slovenia. At the Water Tower you can enjoy a drink on the terrace

Water Tower Maribor

Maribor Island

The location of the city on the Drava River is of course something you can not ignore during your city break. West of the city in the middle of the Drava you will find the special, green Maribor Island. Maribor Island is the largest river island in the country and is the place where the locals gather during the nice weather to swim and relax. You can go for a swim in the river, but the island also has an outdoor pool. Through a nice walk from the city, along the river, you reach the island in about thirty minutes. Moreover, during this walk you can admire a number of beautiful places, such as cool street art

Street art Maribor
Maribor Island
Maribor Island

Combine your city break with a visit to Ptuj, the oldest town in Slovenia

Maribor is located in the east of Slovenia and it is certainly not the only city in this part of the country that is worth a visit. You can very well combine your city trip with a visit to Slovenia’s oldest city, Ptuj. Ptuj is located thirty kilometers southeast of Maribor and is easy to reach with your own car or rental car or by train. Ptuj is also located on the Drava River and although it is a lot smaller, the city is certainly no less beautiful

Practical tips for your city break

  • Maribor is very easily accessible by public transport from other destinations in Slovenia, such as Ljubjana and Ptuj. However, I recommend you to rent a car for your vacation in Slovenia, so you can make a nice road trip through Slovenia.
  • It is also possible to visit the city as a day tour from Ljubljana. You can book a day tour here.
  • Because of its compactness the city is very easy to explore on foot. However, the city is also very flat and therefore perfect to discover by bike. In several places in the city you can rent a bike
  • The city is quite compact and all attractions in Maribor can easily be admired in a day. Staying overnight in the city? Here you can compare all accommodations.
  • Are you traveling through Slovenia with a camper and want to visit the city? We found one of our favorite (free) camper spots in the city with a location right on the river. You can find the exact location here.
Fiets huren in maribor

On the map below you can find all the attractions in Maribor mentioned in this article.