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Things to do in Kampot, Cambodia

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Sometimes it is difficult to explain why a place is so special. It’s just the feeling you get when you are there. There might not be much to do in the city itself, but there is a very relaxed vibe. There are plenty of restaurants, with good food. In the evenings you can stroll around the cozy city or walk along the riverside. The surrounding of Kampot in Cambodia is beautiful and there is plenty to do. 

Bokor National park 

Most travellers go to Kampot to visit the Bokor National park. It is possible to rent a scooter and drive to the park by yourself. The entrance is just outside the city, and easy to find. The entrée fee is only a few USD. At the beginning of the park it is very hot. But the higher in the mountains and further in to the park you go, the colder it gets. Also, the more beautiful. After each turn, another beautiful view reveals itself. Throughout the trip, you pass several fun places, whom are worth a visit. Like a huge Buddha statue or abandoned buildings. 

Buddha statue in Cambodia

You can find the ghost town Bokor at the end of the National park. The road will automatically bring you here. This city is completely abandoned since the 1970. It looks like you ended up on a set of a movie. There are different buildings and a church you can visit for free and without a guide. In the surrounding area are several waterfalls, which you can visit for a small entrance fee. You will have a blast in this park. 

Ghost town Bokor near Kampot, Cambodia

Note: Bring enough warm clothes! Plus, if you rent a scooter, make sure to fill up you tank at the entrance of the park. There is no gas station in the park itself. 

Accommodations in Kampot 

In Kampot are the most amazing accommodations. In the city itself, you can opt for a hotel or hostel. But for the same amount of money, you can have a small cabin at the riverside. Most of them have a restaurant and a place to relax at the river. Swimming is possible, and most places offer you a canoe. In the evenings it is fun to do a boat trip. Just before sunset, so you can spot the fireflies. 

Bungalow on the river. Bamboo Bungalow, Kampot, Cambodja

Getting there and away

From Sihanoukville it will take about two hours by bus to Kampot. From Phnom Penh about four hours. The busses cost only a few USD and are pretty luxurious. Bus tickets are available at almost every hotel or hostel in the area. 

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Be warned, Kampot is a place you want to stay forever. Plan a few days extra to relax and enjoy the vibe.

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