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What to do in the southern part of Friesland in The Netherlands

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Ever heard of the northern province of Friesland in the Netherlands? The region is famous for its Frisian lakes and the worldwide known Eleven cities (ice skating). But Friesland has way more to offer. In this article we will tell you about the most amazing places and highlights in the southern part of Friesland. The region of southeast Friesland, also known as ‘the other Friesland’, is a versatile destination for your holiday. You can enjoy hiking, sailing on the canals, cycling, horseback riding and enjoy the beautiful nature. We have listed some of the best tips for a holiday in southeast Friesland for you.

Nature reserve De Deelen

If you are looking for one of the most beautiful nature reserves in the southern part of Friesland, then the Deelen nature reserve should be on your list. This nature reserve, located in the municipality of Heerenveen, is a swampy area with the status of “wetland”. Due to the abundance of water, the Deelen is the breeding ground for many special bird species. In the nature reserve you can enjoy two walks, the blue route or the red route. Whichever hike you choose you can’t go wrong as both are beautiful. Do you have enough time? Then combine both walking routes. All hiking trails lead you along water, over bridges, past birds and over club paths. Are you crazy about birds and / or a real bird watcher? Then also pay a visit to the bird hide.

Nature reserve De Deelen
Nature reserve De Deelen Friesland

The Belvedère tower in Oranjewoud

In the municipality of Heerenveen you will also find another special nature reserve, named Oranjewoud with its impressive estate, a royal forest, the Belvedère tower and the museum, long avenues, tall trees and beautiful hiking trails. Oranjewoud owes its name to the fact that Princess of Orange Albertine Agnes of Nassau bought an estate here in 1676 and gave it the name Oranjewoud.

Looking for a nice accommodation for your holiday in southeast Friesland? Golden Tulip Hotel Tjaarda Oranjewoud is located in the middle of the beautiful nature of Oranjewoud. From here you are only a few steps away from the trees and you can perfectly make trips to the other attractions in the region. Hotel Tjaarda Oranjewoud also has a Grand Café, meeting rooms, a swimming pool and spa.

Go Stand-up Paddle boarding

Would you like to discover Oranjewoud and its green surroundings in a different way? Then book a stand-up paddle boarding lesson at SUP AWAY Heerenveen. Whether you are a beginner or already (reasonably) experienced, Frieda shows you the most beautiful spots while paddle boarding. You can book a lesson from € 18.50 per person including all materials.

Visit Appelscha

Appelscha is one of the most touristic towns in the southern part of Friesland. The surroundings are amazing and in the town itself you’ll be able to climb the amazing Bosberg Tower, go hiking in the forest and enjoy a drink, lunch or diner at one of the great bars and restaurants.

Appelscha Friesland

Drents-Friese Wold National Park

The Netherlands has a total of 21 national parks, of which the Drents-Friese Wold National Park is largely located in Friesland. Drents-Friese Wold National Park consists of drifting sand areas, heather and forest. Within the National Park you will find several beautifully landscaped cycling and walking routes, one of the most beautiful places being the ‘Kale Duinen’ which feels like you are in the middle of a small desert in the Netherlands.

Drents-Friese Wold National Park
Drents-Friese Wold National Park

Visit Akkrum in Friesland

Water sports village Akkrum is one of the nicest and most atmospheric villages in southeast Friesland and can now be discovered in a very special way. A four-kilometer art walking route runs right through the village where 27 works of art are hung right through the village and another 14 works of art in the marina of Akkrum. A great and unique way to get to know the village.

Akkrum Friesland

Enjoy lunch at De Koken in Akkrum

After walking the art walking route through Akkrum, I recommend that you have lunch at the harbor at De Koken. Sometimes you come to those places where you immediately know that the food will be delicious and we had exactly that feeling at De Koken. The location right on the harbor is beautiful, but the whole setting, inside and out, is super inviting. And not unimportantly of course, we had not eaten so well for a long time.

Do you have any other recommendations for fun things to do in Friesland?