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What to do in Cordoba Andalusia
06 August 2022

What to do in Cordoba, Spain: 16x see & do

Cordoba is a city located in the southern region of Andalusia in Spain. A region full of beautiful cities so many people skip a city trip Cordoba during a to…Read more

Santa María de Media Villa
23 November 2019

Teruel: A Hidden Gem in the north of Spain

Teruel is a small town in a municipality and province all called Teruel, which lies in a region called Aragón. With millions of tourists visiting Spain every year. Some…Read more

What to do in Pamplona, Spain
31 May 2019

What to do in Pamplona, Spain

Pamplona isn't probably the first Spanish city you'll think off while planning a trip to Spain. I get that but it's such a shame. Pamplona is located in the Nava…Read more