Street artists near Camden Market, London

Camden Market, Camden Town | London

Published: 11 June 2017 Modified: 25 November 2017

Obviously, Shoreditch is one of the most happening neighborhoods in London, but there’s another one: Camden Town. It has six markets which are open seven days a week! Way better than seven markets open six days a week if you ask me.. The main attraction for us was the street food market which is awesome! (surprise). The street food is hidden between the ‘Camden Lock’ bridge and the water at the end of Camden High Street.

Camden High Street

When you set foot outside Camden Town Station you are immediately in Camden High Street. The street is kind of the center of attention of Camden Town: It is packed with people. Don’t get discouraged though, as we promise it’s worth it! Camden Town is a tourist magnet. You can tell by the tacky souvenir shops which look very much alike. But, again, don’t let them scare you away. Everywhere are lots of retail shops with a whole bunch of stuff to buy. The facades are decoratively designed to entice customers to enter the shops below. It looks like a facade contest gone out of control, which is kinda cool. When you bought everything you need and want to go back, don’t panic when they don’t let you enter the station, as sometimes it is that busy. Just walk on to Chalk Farm Station to take the Underground, a mile or so northeast of Camden Town.
Camden Lock near Camden Market, London Camden Market, London

Camden Market

The Camden Market was first held in 1974 when it started as a small scale provisions market. In the course of the years it grew to present day Camden Town which is a tourist nest. Definitely visit the market, although keep in mind you do it during the week because the weekend are total hell, supposedly. Definitely visit the food market because it really is wonderful; all kinds of food, nice people, not too expensive and free toilet (feel less exploited!). As mentioned before, chances are, you’ll have to walk on to the next Underground station when it is too busy. This mainly happens in the weekend, so better pick a week day to visit the market.

Camden Market consists of six markets of which the most well known are: Camden Lock Market, Camden Stables Market and Camden Canal Market. Our favorite is Camden Street Food Market. It has dozens of cute food stalls with all kinds of food: Spanish Tapas, Dutch Pancakes, American burgers and the most delicious pies and cupcakes. We enjoyed Colombian food, a piece of self made pie and a smoothie. All equally great. The market it reachable from Camden High Street Station. Just wade through the people and right in front the Camden Lock train pass, turn left, just after crossing the stream. After receiving your food, you can chill out next to the water at the south end of the market, which we highly recommend, even though you’ll have to sit on the ground. If you’re more like a king of queen, you can also take a seat on the balcony which has terraces on it.
Cupcakes at Camden Market, London Lots of stalls at Camden Market, London Pizza! Camden Market, London Camden Market, London International food at Camden Market, London

Souvenirs at Camden Market, LondonThe rest of the Camden Town markets are mostly indoors. Even though they’re not outside, its’ really nice to see the market. In here you can buy some pretty odd stuff. After some food, clothes and souvenirs comes vintage stuff… flea market really. Some things are pretty cool though:) If you’re looking for fashionable clothing, visit Buck Street Market.

Additional information

Opening times: Camden Market is opened all year round, seven days a week from 10 am until 6 pm. The only day it’s closed is Christmas day.

Address: Camden High Street, Camden Town, London

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