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The most beautiful places in Bohemian Paradise (Český Ráj), Czech Republic

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Bohemian Paradise, or Český Ráj, is a beautiful area in Czech Republic in the region of Northeast Bohemia. The area consists of imposing rock towns, fairy-tale castles and numerous hiking trails along the most beautiful places in the national park. With a total area of 180 square kilometers, this is the excellent destination for your vacation in the Czech Republic. What to do Bohemian Paradise? In this article we share the best tips for the most beautiful places, walks and attractions in Bohemian Paradise in Czech Republic

Prachovské Skály

One of the most beautiful natural areas in Bohemian Paradise is nature reserve Prachovské Skály. Already in 1933 Prachovské skály was declared a nature reserve which makes the area one of the oldest nature reserves in the Czech Republic. The area is known for its imposing, rugged rock formations where climbers and hikers can indulge. Before the entrance to the park you can park your car in one of the two parking lots for 100 czk per day. The entrance fee for Prachovské skály is 80 czk (€3.15) per person. Once in the park you can choose between several hiking trails set up between, over and along the rock formations. The shortest route (yellow) has a total length of 1.5 kilometers. In addition, you can choose a walking route through Prachovské skály of 3.5 kilometers. It is also possible to combine the walks. Whichever hike you choose, the views are truly breathtakingly beautiful

Prachovské Skály Bohemian Paradise

Hrubá Skála

Another popular area in Bohemian Paradise is Hrubá Skála which is located just south of the city of Liberic. In this area you can follow several hiking trails (free of charge). However, the real highlight of the walks through the area is the castle Hrubá Skála. This particular castle is built on the edge of a steep rock which really provides the most beautiful pictures.

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Hrubá Skála Bohemian Paradise

Frýdštejn Castle

The Bohemian Paradise region in North-East Bohemia is known not only for its paradisiacal nature, but also for the dozens of castles and ruins that can be admired there. One of the most beautiful castle ruins in Bohemian Paradise is Frýdštejn Castle. Located a few kilometers west of Malá Skála, the castle is easy to visit after a short walk from the parking lot. The walk takes only about twenty minutes and is doable for everyone. Just keep in mind that for the first few minutes you have to walk on a fairly busy road. After that, the trail continues through the forest

The castle, which is actually more of a castle ruin, was built in the fourteenth century on steep cliffs. The entrance fee for Frýdštejn Castle is 50 czk per person. Once inside, you can enter the cave rooms and if you have overcome your fear of heights, enjoy amazing views of Bohemian Paradise

Kasteel Frýdštejn
Kasteel Frýdštejn Bohemian Paradise

Castle Vranov in Malá Skála

One of the most beautiful pictures that you regularly see passing by if you search on Bohemian Paradise is that of the Felsenburg Vranov Castle in Malá Skála. Malá Skála means small rock after the place where on top the gothic castle Felsenburg Vranov (Vranov Panteon) is located. This special place is definitely one of the most photogenic spots in the region.

But Malá Skála is more than just the castle. The town located at the foot of the rock is especially popular among water lovers, due to its location on the river Jizera. At several places in the village you can rent canoes and/or boats and make beautiful trips through the area

Mala Skala
Mala Skala
Bohemian Paradise

Kost Castle and Trosky Castle

The fact that Bohemian Paradise is bursting with beautiful castles is evident from this list, because we’re not done yet. Other beautiful castles to visit in the region include Kost Castle (Hrad Kost) and Trosky Castle (Hrad Trosky). Both are located in Příhrazské skály National Park. Kost Castle is a castle that lies among the trees on a hill. You can opt for a tour of the castle where especially the torture chambers in the basement are impressive.

Kost Castle Bohemian Paradise

Another popular castle in Bohemian Paradise is Trosky Castle. Trosky is one of the places in the region that you cannot avoid because of its location. No matter where in Bohemian Paradise you drive, you will always catch a glimpse of Trosky Castle. Trosky Castle is a castle ruin near the village of Rovensko pod Troskami and is built on two ancient volcanic plugs with a tower on both hills

Trosky Castle Bohemian Paradise

Where to stay in Bohemian Paradise

The area Bohemian Paradise in the Czech Republic is a huge area with several villages and smaller towns. The largest town adjacent to the nature reserve is Liberic. However, I recommend you stay in one of the smaller villages or towns. We ourselves stayed two nights in the village of Malá Skála on the banks of the Jizera River at Autokemp Ostrov. For one night without electricity, we paid 300 czk (€11.75) here with our camper. The village has a small supermarket and some pleasant terraces

Would you rather stay in a hotel or guesthouse? Compare all accommodations in Bohemian Paradise here.

Autokemp Ostrov Mala SkalaBohemian Paradise Czech Republic

Combine Bohemian Paradise with Bohemian Switzerland and/or a city break in Prague

In total we stayed two and a half days in the Bohemian Paradise which is basically enough to discover the above mentioned sights and places. I also recommend you to combine your vacation in the Bohemian Paradise with the area of Bohemian Switzerland which is even more beautiful if you ask me

In addition, the Bohemian Paradise can be combined with a city trip to Prague. Prague is also the best destination to fly to if you do not travel with your own car to the Czech Republic. The best way to get to Prague is to rent a car at the airport. From Prague it is an hour to an hour and a half drive to Malá Skála in Bohemian Paradise. Because of the short distance it is also possible to book a day tour to Bohemian Paradise from Prague.

Bohemian Paradise on the map

On the map below you can find all sights in Bohemian Paradise mentioned in this article.

Do you have any additional tips for staying in the Bohemian Paradise?