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The best bars and restaurants in Copenhagen

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Copenhagen’s foodie scene is characterized by cool bars, hipster restaurants and the best vegan places. All our favorite bars and restaurants in Copenhagen all fall under these categories. Mostly run by tattooed and pierced staff, but always run with passion. Of course you can eat kebabs every night to cut costs, but it would be a waste to skip all the deliciousness Copenhagen has to offer. We spent a few days in Denmark’s capital and listed our favorite restaurants and bars, because the Danish are experts in making awesome beer. Have fun!

Prices for eating and drinking in Copenhagen

Like mentioned before, Copenhagen is not a cheap place to stay. Groceries are not too expensive, but going out for diner is. This generally goes for all of Denmark. If you want to know how much to spend on a meal in the city, read on as we are mentioning the amount we spent for most places.

Tipping in Denmark

In Denmark all services are included in the price, so there’s no need to tip on top of the price. Even though a tip isn’t expected, it is not considered weird to give the staff a little extra after you had a superb meal.

The best bars and restaurants in copenhagen. Depanneur, a mussel bar in Copenhagen. Depanneur is not mentioned in the article because we haven't been there. It's supposed to be good though.

For completeness I’ve added all Mikkeller bars even though we’ve been to only two of them.

Great places to eat and drink in Nørrebro, our favourite district

You might have already read our article on Nørrebro, a district we really loved. The place is vibing with energy. Street art, parks, cool shops, restaurants and bars make the area a good place to spend your time. Because Nørrebro is the district were most immigrants are living, you can find places from all over the world over here. In the article we’ve mentioned the best places to eat over there. A recap:

  • Cafe Blå – Vegan place where we shared a brunch and a smoothie for:
    • 180DKK – €24US$27.
  • Ramen to Bíiru – Delicious Japanese food in a funky restaurant. Two ramen and a beer:
    • 261DKK €35 US$39
  • Brus To Øl – Awesome craft beer and food. Be sure to go on Friday afternoon. Unique craft beers from:
    • 38DKK – €5US$6
  • Stefanos Pizzabar – Get in line for your pizza over here. That’s how good they are! One pizza and a pasta:
    • 165DKK – €22US$25
  • Batin – ‘West meets Persia’. Lovely vegan place with vegan burgers and bowls. Two bols plus drinks:
    • 261DKK- €35 US$39

Bars and restaurants in Copenhagen

Of course, there are more places to eat in Copenhagen besides Nørrebro. We’ve listed all the places we ate and drank below. Don’t forget to check the map at the top of the article to find out where the best bars and restaurants of Copenhagen are.

Souls – Vegan restaurant in Copenhagen

This place is one of our favourite places to eat in Copenhagen. Souls is located between the city center and Nørrebro. All dishes are 100% vegan and 100% delicious. We were lucky to get the last table, but it might be a good idea to reserve a table in advance. We both ordered the mushroom burger with fries and truffle mayonnaise. One beer on the side: 180DKK – €42US$47

Mushroom burger with fries at Souls, a terrific vegan restaurants. The best bars and restaurants in Copenhagen

The Organic Boho – vegan breakfast and lunch

If you’re on your way to visit the semi-independent Christiania, don’t forget to stop at The Organic Boho. This vegan place has very good breakfast- and lunch menus which can easily be shared between two. After all, you don’t want to stuff your face if you have a lot of sightseeing to do. We got one of the lunch menus for 180DKK – €24US$27.

Brunch at The Organic Boho. The best bars and restaurants in Copenhagen
Erick standing at the counter of The Organic Boho. The best bars and restaurants in Copenhagen

The Torvehallerne food halls

Like every mayor city, Copenhagen also has some food halls. The best known are the Torvehallerne, two long food halls. One is dedicated to whole foods, the other to street food. Especially the ‘street food hall’ is a bustling happening with people eating and drinking on the indoor terraces and staff in aprons preparing the most delicious meals. If you’re into beer, be sure to go to the Mikkeller Bottle Shop. They also sell cool beer at no extra cost to enjoy for you on the terrace. Don’t forget to ask for a free cup.

Fruit and vegetables outside the Torvehallerne, Copenhagen
Inside the whole foods Torvehallerne. The best bars and restaurants in copenhagen

Bootleggers Craft Beer & Cocktails

Right next to the Torvehallerne Bootleggers Craft Beer & Cocktails can be found. Yoda welcomes you with the message: “If Tuborg you want, come here you must not”, indicating you can drink some unique beers over here. Yoda isn’t wrong, because with 20 beers on tap and numerous others on bottle it truly is a craft beer palace. Oh right, obviously they also serve cocktails:)

Wall of taps in Bootleggers Craft Beer & Cocktails
Sign outside Bootleggers Craft Beer & Cocktails: Yoda saying: "If Tuborg you want, come here you must not". The best bars and restaurants in Copenhagen

Mikkeller: Denmark’s biggest craft beer brewery

Mikkeller is popular in Denmark, but also throughout the world. Not surprisingly, their beers taste amazing! You immediately notice the dedication that’s been put into the product. The Mikkeller places are scattered throughout Copenhagen. Besides bars, there are also a few restaurants that have a collaboration with Mikkeller, like Ramen to Bíiru. I’ve pinned all Mikkeller locations on the map at the top of the article so you can easily find one close to you. We have been to Mikkeller & Friends in Nørrebro, the Mikkeller bar in Vestebro and the Brewpigs Brewpub which has a collaboration with Mikkeller.

Right next to the Brewpigs bar you’ll find the Mikkeller General Store where you can find their newest beers and all kinds of merchandise. Drinking from a Mikkeller glass at home.. How cool!

Mikkeller bars are located all around the world!

The Mikkeller General Store in the Meatpacking District of Copenhagen
Sign outside the Mikkeller bar in Vesterbro: "Breakfast, tea, coffe & beer". The best bars and restaurants in Copenhagen

Warpigs Brewpub: Pub in a brewery

The Warpigs pub is located in Kødbyen a.k.a “The Meatpacking District”. An entire factory site has been converted to bars, restaurants, shops, galleries and other small startups. Even though the place is still very raw, it has a friendliness over it. The emotionless white and blue colors remind of the time when industry was going on over here.

Inside the pub there is still something being produced: Warpigs Beer! While you are enjoying your pint of whatever-IPA you’re having, in the background a few Warpigs guys are working. Walking around in rubber boots, climbing the stairs to one of the tanks and discussing the beer that’s in production. A nice beer atmosphere!

If you want to know more about Copenhagen and its link to beer. Book the ‘Beer Makes Vesterbro Better’ tour.

More into food than beer? You probably don’t have the time to visit all restaurants in Copenhagen, so the Copenhagen Food Tour might be a good idea. On this tour you visit 5 restaurants to explore the diverse cuisine of Copenhagen

Do you have any additions on the best bars and restaurants in Copenhagen? Don’t hesitate to share it in the comments! Thanks!

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