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Santa María de Media Villa
23 November 2019

Teruel: A Hidden Gem in the north of Spain

Teruel is a small town in a municipality and province all called Teruel, which lies in a region called Aragón. With millions of tourists visiting Spain every year. Some…Read more

The taps in Warpigs Brewpub
16 November 2019

The best bars and restaurants in Copenhagen

Copenhagen's foodie scene is characterized by cool bars, hipster restaurants and the best vegan places. All our favorite bars and restaurants in Copenhagen all fall under these categories. Mostly …Read more

Erick gazing at the beautifully painted wall at Bananna Park
02 November 2019

Nørrebro, Copenhagen’s Hipster Town. We love it!

Nørrebro is one of those hipster, upcoming districts every city has. If you're going to Copenhagen anytime soon, and you want to look beyond the city center? We definitely recomm…Read more

Church on the river shore
08 September 2019

Things to do in Kampot, Cambodia

Sometimes it is difficult to explain why a place is so special. It’s just the feeling you get when you are there. There might not be much to do…Read more