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United Arabic Emirates
United Arab dirham. How expensive is Dubai?
04 May 2020

Dubai Cost of Travel: How expensive is Dubai?

Dubai is known as a fairly expensive destination. Because of this we "only" stayed two full days in one of the newest metropoles in the world. In this article…Read more

Budget, Iran
Nice fabric on a market in Iran. How expensive is Iran to Travel? Cost of travel in Iran.
04 March 2020

Cost of Travel in Iran: How expensive is Iran?

In November 2017, we traveled sixteen days through magical Iran. And of course we kept the balance on how much we were spending. In this post we explain in det…Read more

Drone photo birdseye on Isle of Skye
14 December 2019

Scotland Road Trip: Lowlands to Highlands to Islands

Scotland is known for its kilts, bagpipes, mysterious castles, Harry Potter and whiskey. Besides these mascottes, Scotland also has the most stunning nature! We finally went to the UK's m…Read more