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General information, Sri Lanka
Haputale, Sri Lanka
21 January 2021

Traveling to Sri Lanka: All you need to know

Our statistics show a lot of people are looking for information about traveling to Sri Lanka, an amazing country still mainly unexplored most backpackers. To help you plan your t…Read more

Budget, Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan rupees
21 January 2021

Sri Lanka on a Budget | One month travel

Money, even if you want to go on a backpacking trip and you are mostly going to hitchhike or couchsurf, you will always need money. That’s why we are show…Read more

Sri Lanka
Highlights Sri Lanka. Prayer flags
06 January 2021

What to do in Sri Lanka? A list of 25 top Highlights

Sri Lanka is an incredibly impressive and versatile country. With breathtaking nature, green mountains, spectacular waterfalls and tea plantations, there is plenty to discover. The contrast between tropical beaches w…Read more

Renting a car in Iran. Car rental Iran. Traffic in Iran.
21 November 2020

Renting a car in Iran: Traffic in Iran

Iran is becoming increasingly popular as a backpacker destination. Rightfully so if you ask us, because this beautiful country deserves more positive attention. Although public transport in Iran is w…Read more