Highlights Sri Lanka. Prayer flags
Sri Lanka

What to do in Sri Lanka? A list of 25 top Highlights

Sri Lanka is an incredibly impressive and versatile country. With breathtaking nature, green mountains, spectacular waterfalls and tea plantations, there is plenty to discover. The contrast between tropical beaches with its hot climate and the hills with its cool climate makes Sri Lanka a really interesting place to visit. If you want to know what …

Pecheira from the sky. Taken by my Mavic Pro. Pecheira has a lot of water!

Things to do around Lake Garda: 7x the nicest villages on the lake

Lake Garda is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy. The vicinity of the biggest lake of the country offers a lot of things to do for al kinds of leisurely activities for watersporters, nature lovers and culture enthusiasts. Especially for this last group, a visit to any random village in the area …


Clothing in Iran | How to dress appropriately when visiting Iran?

Laws about clothing in Iran keep a lot of people from visiting the country. Iranians are wonderful people and their country is beautiful. We want to shed some light on what to wear when visiting Iran. Iran is an Islamic republic and that means that there are a number of rules and laws that you …

Laws in Iran.

Laws in Iran | What to keep in mind when traveling to Iran

Traveling to Iran -especially for first timers- might be a bit frightening at first. There are rules to oblige to and laws to follow that might as well come from the past. To us, ‘western people’, being told what to wear and what not to wear seems very oppressing. Although Iran is becoming more open …