Things to do in Ferrara Italy

Things to do in Ferrara, Italy: One of Emilia Romagna’s most beautiful cities

The Emilia Romagna region in Italy is known for the Adriatic coast and cities such as Bologna and Rimini, but has many more beautiful places you should visit. And one of those beautiful, nice places is the city of Ferrara. Ferrara is an important student city in the region and although the city is nice …

Møllestien Aarhus

What to do in Aarhus, Denmark? 7 tips and city trip information

Everyone knows the Danish capital Copenhagen. A city that is great fun for a city trip and that you can easily discover in combination with a city trip to Malmö in Sweden. Fewer people know Denmark’s second city, Aarhus (Århus in Danish). Although the city really cannot be compared to Copenhagen in terms of size, …

Backpacking tips: How to survive a bus or train ride in asia
General information Tips & Tricks

Backpacking Tips: How to survive a long bus or train ride

Most backpackers will have to deal with long bus journeys or train journeys. For example, one-day train journeys in India are certainly not strange, and Sri Lanka and Thailand, for example, are also perfect destinations to explore by train. Even if you are not traveling through Vietnam on a motorbike like we did, but traveling …

Cenotes Bacalar

Laguna Bacalar, Mexico: What to do in Bacalar

In our opinion it is the most beautiful destination in southern Mexico, on the Yucatán peninsula, in the Quintana Roo regio; Bacalar and its stunning Laguna Bacalar. Laguna Bacalar is one of the largest lakes in Mexico. It is not without reason that this Mexican destination is even compared to dream destinations such as the …

Skye Island Scotland

Skye Island: What to do on the Isle of Skye, Scotland

The Scottish island of Skye, Sky Island, is one of the most beautiful islands in Europe and certainly one of the coolest sights in Scotland. The rugged nature, deep cliffs, waterfalls and mountain peaks make the Isle of Skye a perfect destination for a walking holiday or an adventurous road trip across the island. In …