Bosberg Tower in Appelscha,The Netherlands

Best things to do in Appelscha in Friesland, The Netherlands

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For those who are not familiar with the Appelscha region in southeastern Friesland in The Netherlands, there may be one attraction that will ring a bell, as the Duinen Zathe amusement park is located in Appelscha. No bell? No problem. Because the Appelscha region is so much more than just this amusement park. The village of Appelscha is known as a holiday village and there is always something to do during the summer months. What to do in Appelscha and the surrounding area? In this article we share the best activities, sights such as the Bosberg Tower, the most beautiful nature reserves and the best excursions in the area of Appelscha.

De Bosberg Tower: Admire Appelscha and its surroundings from a great height

One of the best things to do in Appelscha is climbing the 33 meter high Bosberg Tower. The Bosberg Tower is built on a twenty meter high drifting dune with a number of (glass) viewing platforms on almost every floor of the tower. The Bosberg Tower can be visited again since 1 July 2020. The entrance fee for the Bosberg Tower is €2 per person.

You can pay for your ticket with your debit card at the tower or purchase it online via the Bosberg Tower website.
There is an elevator which you have to take to go up. You go back down with the stairs. From the top floor of the Bosberg Tower you have a stunning view over Appelscha, the Drents-Friese Wold National Park, Dwingeloo and with a little luck you can even see cities such as Leeuwarden and Groningen in clear weather. The various signs on the railing show you which way to look.

Entering the Bosberg Tower will not immediately be fun for people with a fear of heights. I immediately admit that it took a lot before I got on the glass viewing platform, but it really is so worth it. Hopefully you can overcome your fear and shoot the most amazing pictures and enjoy the environment. You will be literally above the trees!

Bosberg Tower Appelscha, The Netherlands

Drents-Friese Wold National Park

I just indicated that from the top floor of the Bosberg Tower you have a stunning view of the area, including the Drents Friese Wold National Park. The Drents Friese Wold National Park is one of the most beautiful nature reserves in the region. The national park is located on the border of the Dutch provinces Friesland with Drenthe and consists of heather, drifting sand areas and forest. In the Drents Friese Wold you can follow various beautiful walking or cycling routes where you regularly hop from province to province.

Drents-Friese Wold National Park

Enjoy lunch at The jongens van Outdoor in Appelscha

Although the Appelscha region is mainly popular for its surroundings, the village itself is also quite pleasant. Are you looking for a nice place for a relaxed lunch? Then settle down at ‘De jongens van Outdoor’. De jongens van Outdoor is a super cozy place for a snack and a drink and is the place to recover from all the impressions. It is within walking distance of the Bosberg Tower, so it is easy to combine. Having lunch and drinks at the Boys of Outdoor is adventurous enough for us, but it can be even more adventurous. Behind the store you will find the climbing forest of Appelscha. In this climbing forest, various courses have been set out where you float through the forest like a monkey. It doesn’t get any more adventurous!

 jongens van Outdoor in Appelscha

Nature in the Appelscha region: Fochteloërveen

Have you not yet discovered enough nature during your holiday in the Appelscha region? The Drents Fries Wold National Park is not the only nature reserve that is a stone’s throw from the village. The Fochteloërveen nature reserve is located northeast of the village. The Fochteloërveen is a protected nature reserve where various wild animal species live. For example, we encountered a snake and the chance of spotting wild horses is also quite high. The Fochteloërveen nature reserve is gigantic and you can take various walks there. We ourselves visited the area three times in the past few weeks and each time we were surprised again. A number of special places in the nature reserve are an enormous chair, the bird hide and lookout tower De Zeven.


Watchtower the Zeven

As I mentioned above, there are a number of great places in Fochteloërveen that make the area just that little bit more special. One of these is watchtower De Zeven. This eighteen-meter-high observation tower is located on the edge of the Fochteloërveen and can be climbed free of charge for a beautiful view of the nature reserve. The name ‘De Zeven’ is given because the tower has been build in the shape of the number seven.

Watchtower the Zeven

Drinking beers at Brewery Maallust in Veenhuizen

It is a bit further away from Appelscha, but if you are still in Fochteloërveen you might as well drive on for a visit at Brewery Maallust in Veenhuizen. The complex is a real attraction and worthwhile even without drinking beer. You can choose a tour where you learn everything about the beer brewing process and you can of course taste the best Maallust beers. A cheese company, Kaaslust, is also located on the complet.

Even if you still have to drive and therefore don’t want to drink, a visit to Brewery Maallust. The complex has a small shop where you can purchase specialty beers as a souvenir.

Brewery Maallust Veenhuizen, The Netherlands

Walking along the Blue Lake in Drenthe

Appelscha is very close to the border with the province of Drenthe. The next place in the list of the best things to do in the Appelscha region is also in Drenthe. The Blue Lake is about a fifteen minute drive from Appelscha in the Leggelderveld nature reserve. The Blue Lake is a recreational lake in Drenthe, but it is not just any recreational lake. Of course you can go here for a swim (three euros entry per person), but the walk around the lake is even better. The special thing about the Blue Lake is the stunning blue-green color of the water.

the Blue Lake in Drenthe

Do you have any extra recommendations for fun things to do in Appelscha in The Netherlands?